What is the Rhinohide Canopy?
The Rhinohide Canopy is a canopy system designed to fit tractors and mowers with Roll Over Protection Systems (roll bars). It is designed to get you out of the sun and into the shade, not only for comfort but also for the protection of your skin.

What separates the Rhinohide from other systems is its incredible toughness. We have yet to have a customer report a broken shell.

What are ROPS?
ROPS stands for Roll Over Protection System (or Structure). This is the roll bar situated just behind your seat commonly found on tractors and zero turn mowers. This is where the Rhinohide Canopy attaches to your machine.

Will it fit my ROPS?
Our canopy will fit any square/rectangular steel tubing ROPS. We do have different U-bolts and L-brackets to accommodate the varying spans and tube steel widths.

Not compatible with round ROPS legs (though some customers have found a clever solution by using muffler clamps).

Can I paint it?
You can, but HDPE (the type of plastic our canopy is made of) simply does not hold paint well. The trade off is a shell thats many times tougher than Fiberglass, ABS plastic, or vinyl/canvas. Our black canopy dye is UV protected and will not fade.

Can I trailer it?
Yes. If you are running the older Model S (Stationary), we have tested that at 60 miles per hour if installed in a level position or slightly leaning down in front (with the low point of the canopy facing forward on the trailer to create downforce).

The Model E (Easy On/Off) should be removed or you can put a tie-down strap over it.

How much does it cost to ship to me?

We’re happy to let you know that shipping is free!

What method of shipping do you use?

Every order is shipped via FedEx or UPS Ground (whichever is cheaper). This means if you’ve ever had a FedEx or UPS truck at your house, you can get a delivery of a Rhinohide Canopy. Niether FedEx nor UPS deliver to a PO Box, so please find an alternative shipping address if you use a PO Box.

What is the lead time for shipping?

Your order will ship within a week of receiving the order. We ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. You will receive an order confirmation email and an automatic email from FedEx with tracking information once processed.

Canceled orders: You can cancel anytime before shipping. Your refund will be charged the transaction fee which they charge whether the sale is finalized or not.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

Currently we only collect sales tax for orders shipping to Kansas.

Can I pick up and save the shipping charges?

No, local pick up is not available.

Do you sell to Canada?

Unfortunately at this time we only ship to the continental United States.

Do you give a Military or First Responder’s discount?

No discounts are available for the Rhinohide Canopy. We have priced it as low as we can so every person who needs one can have the best chance at ownership.

Can I return the product?

Yes, but it will be expensive!

Please do your due diligence before you purchase. We have a universal system that fits any rectangular ROPS that we’ve come across yet. But, it is up to you to ensure we ship out the right hardware to fit your ROPS.

If you decide to return your canopy, you have 60 days from the time of purchase. And you will not be refunded the credit card processing fee or the initial shipping cost. And the returned shipment will be at your expense.

*Note if you have drilled any holes into the Canopy system, or modified it in any way, it is no longer returnable.

What if I get it and it doesn’t fit my machine?

In the case that you receive parts that don’t fit your ROPS but are the pieces you selected, you will be responsible for additional purchase and shipping charges to receive the proper parts. If it is our packing mistake, we will cover the costs.

Watch our installation video by clicking here.
Can’t find your installation instructions: go here.


Never amend your ROPS system: this includes drilling into, cutting, or welding. The Rhinohide Canopy and any other accessory attaching to your ROPS is design to clamp around your ROPS bars, not fasten into the bars themselves.

How hard or easy is the Rhinohide Canopy to install?

You can install your canopy in an hour or less. It helps to have two people, but it is accomplishable with only one and some clamps. You’ll need a drill, some wrenches, a 3′ level, and a clamp. You’ll have it up in about 30 minutes. Watch our installation video to make the process easier.

Why are there two holes in the L-Bracket?

The L-Bracket ships with two pre-drilled 3/8″ holes to make it universal. This means there is no designated left or right bracket, and you can place them up, down, left, right, forwards or backwards and they will still work.

Your canopy ships with two 3/8″ bolts, and you only use the pre-drilled hole that becomes your top hole of the bracket. The second hole needs to be drilled by you through the bracket and into the lower steel pin to set the exact angle that accommodates your ROPS. We recommend setting your canopy level or just tipping down in the front to assist with branches running over the top and to create downforce if trailered (though removing the canopy for trailering or strapping it down is best practice).


We sell a backhoe kit that provides an extra set of lower mounting hardware so that a permanent attachment point can be kept on the ROPS facing the rear to cover the backhoe. When operating the backhoe, just loosen the knobs and move the canopy from the front to the back.

On the outside chance that you have two identical machines or two machines with similar ROPS dimensions, you can use the Backhoe Kit as a Multi-Machine Kit and swap your canopy from one machine to the other. However, having two different machines with matching ROPS dimensions is hardly ever the case.

Our Rhinohide Canopy Warranty

For a period of one year from the date of purchase, Rhinohide Canopies will either repair or replace at no cost to the customer, at its option, any part or parts found to be defective upon our inspection in materials or workmanship. We will work with you through your provided photos to ascertain your claim. Warranty does not cover the cost of shipping.

Purchaser and end user agrees to hold Rhinohide Canopies harmless in cases due to loss resulting from acts of the user. Specifically, that the user must take care to ensure while trailering that the shell is either removed or tied down. This warranty will not apply to any part which has become inoperative due to misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, improper maintenance, alterations, and only if the unit has not been installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided.