Rhinohide Canopies You Won't Find A Tougher Canopy

Why the Rhinohide is the best tractor canopy for you.

With plenty of options out there, why should you buy the Rhinohide Canopy for your tractor over any other? That’s simple—our tractor canopy is virtually indestructible, lightweight, designed to be removed in a matter of seconds. And its 100% Made in the USA. We claim all of this while maintaining one of the most affordable canopies on the market.

Why buy a tractor canopy at all?

We tend to use our tractor in the worst weather conditions—blazing sun, inescapable heat, rain, snow, and sleet. And that just isn’t as fun when all of those elements are falling on your head and shoulders. On top of that, it isn’t safe—we are getting more phone calls customers diagnosed with skin cancer after spending years in the sun. So, they’re getting a tractor canopy under doctor’s orders so they can keep on tractoring.

Unmatched Strength

Let’s start with the quality that sets the Rhinohide Canopy apart more than any other from the competition—its durability. Constructed from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, this canopy is tough. Very tough. We call it Rhinohide for a reason, and we’ve shown you beating it with a sledgehammer, running over it with a 5,000lb tractor, and shooting it with a shotgun. Can it break? Of course it can. But we’ve proven to you and our customers attest that it will take the beating it’s bound to receive on top of your tractor or mower. On top of that, the Rhinohide is UV resistant, so go ahead and leave it outside. It won’t fade.

Easy On. Easy Off.

For those of you with low-clearance areas on your property or who trailer your tractor, you can remove your tractor canopy in thirty seconds. Just twist the two hand-screws to relieve the clamping pressure, then slide your canopy up and off the mounting brackets. The shell weighs just 13 lb, and even with the two struts attached the total weight is under 20 lb. So it’s lightweight enough to easily toss into the bed of your pickup. 

Universal Fit for all ROPS

As long as your tractor or mower has a roll bar made from square or rectangular tube steel, and is less than 46” across, the Rhinohide Canopy will fit your machine. Even if you have a roll bar made from round tube steel (like on some Exmark mowers), customers have reported that a pair of exhaust clamps allowed them to clamp to our L-Brackets, and use the canopy as normal. Before you order just verify three dimensions and we’ll be sure you get the right hardware for your machine.

ROPS Measurement Diagram

Made in the USA

We’re very happy to tell you that every single component of the Rhinohide Canopy is Made in the USA. The shell, the steel, the box—even the hardware! There’s nothing wrong with a global economy, but we’re satisfied knowing all parts and labor are American made, right in Kansas.


Watch our installation video and in 30-45 minutes you’ll have your tractor canopy installed. Installation can be handled with one person and some clamps, but it’s easier with two people (as most things are). As for tools required, grab your socket wrenches, crescent wrenches, and a drill. That’s all!

Backhoe/Multi Kit

Do you need your canopy to cover the rear of your tractor when using your backhoe? Or do you have two machines with similar width roll bars and want to move your canopy quickly from one machine to the other? This is where our Backhoe / Multi-kit comes in. It’s a second set of mounting hardware that stays attached to your roll bars. Move your canopy from your tractor to your zero turn in just a minute or less.

Canopy Size

We know we’re not the biggest tractor canopy out there—and that’s intentional. If we increase the size of our canopy even an inch in either direction, we’ll be charged an additional $100 oversized package fee when it ships. So we’ve balanced size with cost to get our customers the best solution possible.

We know perfect doesn’t exist (at least here on earth), but we do think we have a great product and we’re proud to sell it to tractor owners around the country. If we haven’t convinced you that the Rhinohide Canopy is the right canopy for you, we’d love to know what else you’re looking for (send us an email). For the rest, head over to our shop page and get your self a Rhinohide Canopy, and get yourself Indestructible Shade.