Run your Rhinohide Canopy over the back of your tractor with the Backhoe/Multi-Kit. Or if you happen to have another tractor or mower that has ROPS with the same span, you can easily move your Model E Canopy from one machine to the other.

The Backhoe/Multi-Kit is a second set of all the lower mounting hardware (L-Brackets, U-Bolts, and lower straight bues) allowing you to purchase just one canopy, but place it in more than one position or on more than one machine.

Grab a couple of measurements before you buy to ensure you are provided the proper brackets for attachment, and you can have your canopy up about an hour after delivery. For instructions on how to attach your canopy, watch this video!

*Note that the backhoe kit is cheaper if you purchase it at the same time as your canopy as the parts can all be shipped in one package.


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