Will This Fit My Backhoe?

Does your tractor have a backhoe? If so, get our backhoe kit and easily switch your canopy from the front to the rear so you can stay protected from the sun.

One Canopy. Two positions.

If you run a backhoe on your tractor you can switch the Rhinohide Canopy from providing shade in the front to providing shade over your backhoe in just seconds.

Just because you’re on the back of your tractor, doesn’t mean you don’t need sun protection!

If your tractor has a backhoe there is no reason for you to work on it unprotected. We sell a backhoe kit just for that scenario.

A second set of mounting hardware attaches facing to the rear of your tractor, and by just loosening the two quick-set knobs, you can maneuver the canopy from the front to the rear of the tractor.

In the case that you have a second machine, whether a mower or another tractor, if it happens to have the same ROPS span as your first machine, you can treat the backhoe kit as a multi-kit and quickly move your canopy from the first to the second machine. Rarely does this work out, but it’s good to know in case it does.

You’ll need to be sure your ROPS are both under 2.25″ thick, and each have the same outside-to-outside span. If they do, order yourself a backhoe kit and use it as a multi-kit!