Will This Fit My Kubota Tractor?

Do you own a Kubota subcompact or compact tractor? Our Rhinohide Canopy will fit any Kubota B, BX, L, LX, Grand L, or even M60 series tractor. No matter the size of your ROPS, you can run our canopy on your machine.

The proof is in the pudding.

See all the ways customers have installed a Rhinohide Canopy to their Kubota Tractor or mower. Subcompact, Compact, and Zero Turns all can accept one of our canopies.

Our universal bracket system will fit any Kubota ROPS under 4″ thick.

Just because you didn’t buy a cab tractor doesn’t mean you need to bake in the sun or get drenched in the rain. Get a Rhinohide Canopy on your tractor and get out of the elements.

Our canopy will fit any tractor’s Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) from Kubota, as we have three different brackets to accommodate a range of sizes. If your ROPS is the folding style with a hinge in the middle, you can still use a Rhinohide canopy.

Some Kubota models such as the BX23S use ultra-wide spanning ROPS which are wider than our 37″ canopy, allowing the greatest amount of flexibility for canopy positioning and shade coverage. Just be sure to select the proper outside-to-outside ROPS dimension at the time of purchase so we can send extended brackets to accommodate.

Just how you attach your canopy to your tractor is up to you. The position of attachment is flexible, and be adjusted to accommodate your height and exact ROPS style.

Our canopy can be removed in just seconds with no tools, so you can park in low-clearance storage, trailer your tractor safely, or move your canopy to your backhoe or even another machine.

If you’re running a Kubota mower, whether a zero-turn or traditional riding mower, as long as there is a ROPS you can use the Rhinohide Canopy just as a tractor would.