Will This Canopy Fit My John Deere Tractor?

Do you own a John Deere subcompact or compact tractor? Our Rhinohide Canopy will fit any John Deere 1, 2, 3, or 4 series tractor. We even have a design specifically made for the forward angled ROPS on the 1025 and 2025 models. And if you have a zero-turn mower from Deere, our canopy will fit that too.

The proof is in the pudding.

See all the ways you can mount your Rhinohide Canopy to your John Deere as you browse the customer gallery of happy owners.

The Rhinohide Canopy will fit any John Deere tractor.

Just because you didn’t buy a cab tractor doesn’t mean you need to bake in the sun or get drenched in the rain. Get a Rhinohide Canopy on your tractor and get out of the elements.

Our 37×45″ canopy will fit any tractor Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) from John Deere, as we provide specific brackets designed to work for your roll bar. If your ROPS is the folding style with a hinge in the middle, you can still use a Rhinohide canopy.

If you have a 1025 or 2025 with a forward angled roll bar, we’ve designed a steel support strut to match the exact angle of your roll bar, so your canopy can be a perfect fit for that unique design.

The Rhinohide Canopy stands out from the competition because it’s flat out stronger. Competitor’s shells made from ABS plastic or fiberglass will crack far before our HDPE shell.

Where steel or aluminum dent and rust, our canopy flexes and hides scratches. It’s made from UV resistant, high-density polyethylene, so you can expect the black to hold its color even if you park it outside.

If low clearance is an issue for you, our canopy can be installed below the top of the roll bar. Likewise, it can be removed in just seconds without any tools. The Rhinohide Canopy is a great choice for John Deere tractors and mowers.

What do I measure?

ROPS Measurement Diagram