Will This Fit My Mower?

As long as the grass is growing, we’ll be mowing. If your mower has a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) on it, you can attach a Rhinohide Canopy and get out of the sun.

The proof is in the pudding.

See all the various mower makes and models that customers have attached a Rhinohide Canopy to, making mowing on those hot summer days a lot more bearable.

Our universal bracket system will fit any mower ROPS under 4″ thick.

Just because your mower doesn’t have a cab on it doesn’t mean you need to bake in the sun and get drenched in the rain. Get a Rhinohide Canopy on your tractor and get out of the elements.

Our canopy will fit any mower’s Roll Over Protection System (ROPS), as we have three different brackets to accommodate a range of sizes. If your ROPS is the folding style with a hinge in the middle, you can still use a Rhinohide canopy.

Our nearly indestructible canopy is lightweight and can be mounted or unmounted in just seconds, thanks to two quick set knobs, and is light enough to handle easily. A lot of users leave their ROPS folded down because they have a clearance height issue and don’t want to be constantly putting them up and down.

Note, if you’re trailering your machine from job to job, we do recommend removing the canopy or strapping it down.