Will This Canopy Fit My Zero Turn Mower?

As long as the grass is growing, we’ll be mowing. If your mower has a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) on it, you can attach a Rhinohide Canopy and get some relief from the sun.

The proof is in the pudding.

See all the various mower makes and models that customers have attached a Rhinohide Canopy to, making mowing on those hot summer days a lot more bearable.

Our universal mower canopy will fit any ROPS under 4″ thick.

Just because your mower didn’t come with a canopy, that doesn’t mean you need to bake in the sun or get drenched in the rain. Get a Rhinohide Canopy on your mower and get out of the elements.

Our canopy will fit any rectangular roll bar, as we provide specific brackets designed to work for your machine. If your ROPS is the folding style with a hinge in the middle, you can still use a Rhinohide canopy. If your roll bar is made from tube steel, our hardware will not fit. But some customers have used exhaust clamps with success to attach to our brackets.

Our nearly indestructible canopy is lightweight and can be mounted or unmounted in just seconds, thanks to two quick set knobs. At under 20 lb, our canopy is light enough to easily handle all day. While our unique attachment system allows our canopy to positioned anywhere along the vertical posts of your roll bar, mowers are frequently small enough that installing above the roll bar makes the most sense for head clearance and adequate shade.

The Rhinohide Canopy stands out from the competition because it can and will take a beating. It won’t show scratches the way a painted canopy does. It’s made from UV resistant, high-density plastic (HDPE), so you can expect the black to hold its color even if you park it outside.

If low clearance is an issue for you, our canopy can be installed below the top of the roll bar. Likewise, it can be removed in just seconds without any tools. So if you trailer your mower or have a section of property that’s low clearance, you can pop it off when needed.

Whatever style of mower you own, as long as it has a roll bar, you can use the Rhinohide Canopy.